Joining KeepItQuerque Helps Get The Message Out To BUY LOCAL

Do you own a business? Would you like everyone to "buy local" in your business whenever possible? Do you love living in Albuquerque and want our economy to grow?

Then you should be a member of KeepItQuerque - Buy Local.and help us promote BUY LOCAL. GROW LOCAL. THRIVE LOCAL.

Membership Criteria for Businesses & Nonprofits

  • Primary place of business in the Albuquerque Metropolitan Area (including surrounding cities and communities).
  • At least 51% owned by Albuquerque-area residents
  • Free to make your own business decisions without the need for approval by nonresident owners or affiliates

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Business Membership
$97 per Year

You Will Receive The Following Benefits:
  • An advocate in Albuquerque area promoting buy local, grow local, thrive local.
  • Annual "Local Guide to KeepItQuerque Businesses" Printed Listing.
  • searchable website listing by category.
  • Free custom designed and controlled by you Website page on site, including coupons and product sales catalog.
  • Free listings of your business events and promotions in website calendar.
  • Quarterly Local Industry Showcase Events (Custom Designed to improve visibility of Locally Owned Businesses).
  • Business Development Workshops .
  • Free e-Newsletter.
  • Special member only pricing on ads in newsletter booths at events.
  • Free listings of your business events and promotions in website and found by search engines.

6 Big Reasons to Join KeepItQuerque!

1. Keep Dollars Local
Compared to national chain stores, local businesses and their owners buy more often from other local businesses so the money you spend is retained in the community in a more concentrated fashion.

2. Create Jobs
Locally owned businesses create more jobs locally and, in most sectors, provide better wages and benefits than national chains.

3. Support Local Causes
Local entrepreneurs are more connected to our community, because they live here, too. They are more likely than their national competitors to get involved in community efforts.

4. Protect the Environment
By buying things made closer to home, you’re cutting down on fossil fuel use which reduces your carbon impact and saving money.

5. Preserve our Culture
The experience at a local establishment is completely unique – providing the local flavor of the area, preserves the local one-of-a-kind business and distinct character that creates a local economic advantage.

6. Multiply Your Tax Dollars.
By spending Local, it follows basic Economics 101. If you spend a dollar with a locally owned business, it replicates itself. Those locall dollars keep people employed, give opportunities to other people, and generate more local tax dollars. If you think smart, you will help yourself and the local economy by encouraging local businesses to grow.

Key Fact:
A modest change in consumer behavior, by a mere $100 per month shift by every family in Albuquerque area from chain stores & restaurants to local independent businesses, would result in $273,071,950 in economic impact to our area.

Studies & Research on Local First
National studies have shown that each dollar spent at a local independent business, on average, generates at least three times more direct local economic benefit than dollars spent at an absentee-owned chain.

Diamond Membership $250

All Business Membership Benefits Plus.
  • Special recognition placement in e-Newsletter.
  • Special opportunity to sponsor & host KeepItQuerque networking event.
  • Recognition at KeepItQuerque Events
  • Feature article on your business in e-Newsletter.

Included e-Benefits

Member Operating System

The KeepItQuerque Operating System was created to provide advanced technology to you our members without the normal complexity associated with the Internet.

KeepItQuerque Members are able to easily login through the website and to participate in the member business network.

The member business network was created to support public-to-members and member-to-member business development by accepting and trading leads electronically through the KeepItQuerque and website.

The KeepItQuerque Operating System also includes a wide array of advertising tools along with the ability to broadcast member business events through the Member Calendar Network.

Member Advertising System

Our participating members are provided an extensive array of tools to build a COMPLETE online advertising system for promoting a business through the visibility and power of the website.

The tools are designed for local advertising through the this website, our Buy Local Initiative and the Member Services Search Engine.

As a member, you are provided with high quality USA BASED (speaking real english) support through the Free Members Support center.

A number of additional 'marketing your business to the locoal community' tools. These tools include a mobile phone website which is ".mobi" compliant, scrolling photo tour, social network integration and much more.

Consider this a "thank you" for being a loyal member.

Member Broadcasting System

A website is really a brochure on your business and does not in itself create a broadcasting solution for you the business owner.

Many membership organizations like ours are trusted sources for information. Conscequently they rank very high on search engine results and are used extensively by the public.

Harnessing this traffic, routing it to specific members and tracking the flow is the key to our success. This allows us to provide ongoing suggestions for increased optimization.

Static information on a website is only valuable for search indexing, but it won't create much "buzz."

Broadcasting business updates, viewing local search transactions to help determine the best way for members to capture more prospects is our goal.