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Led by its President & CEO, J. Wayne Story, the Dr. of Direct Results Marketing, this company leads New Mexico businesses to consistent growth with non-traditional marketing systems and strategies.

"I have hired and fired 3 business consultants. When I met Wayne, I knew that the universe had delivered me the right consultant (the Law of Attraction)." Ginger Hollowell, Electronic Money Company Inc., Albuquerque

Wayne Story is the author of the Amazon.com Best Seller book: "Knock Their Socks Off Marketing: Small Business Guide To Attracting More Customers In An Advertising Saturated World".

Direct Marketing Strategies Rx is a direct response marketing consulting and coaching firm specifically designed to help small business owners get real, trackable results from their marketing activities rather than just depending on hope.

The SBA estimates that 90% of all new businesses are out of business within the first 5 years. Wayne Story has made it his mission to see that statistic significantly improved in New Mexico. The SBA says the number one reason for those 90% failures is 'Lack of Sufficient Operating Capital.' That's accounting speak for not enough customers willing to pay a reasonable price for the product or service that would sustain the business.

Wayne is the host of the Albuquerque based "Small Business Marketing PowerCircle™" which meets on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. This group of about 80 members has its sole purpose to help each other learn and discover specific strategies that most business owners do not get exposed to and is bringing significant returns to its members.

"If you are tired of the same old ways to promote your business, PowerCircle™ is what you need. New ideas that actually work."
Tom Schafer, ABC Door Co., Albuquerque

"At the Wayne Story’s Marketing Workshop, he took all the puzzle pieces dumped them out on the table and assembled them into an amazing business marketing picture. I now understand how it all fits together."
Al Padilla, The Sign Store, Albuquerque

For more information on the PowerCircle™ group: http://marketingstrategiesrx.com/powercircle
Wayne Story, Dr. of Direct Results Marketing is also on the board of KeepItQuerque. He is currently serving as the VP of Communications.

He believes that the only way we can grow the economy of the Albuquerque area is through the promotion and development of locally owned businesses.

"The strength of the New Mexico economy is indelibly tied to the success of our small business community. If every family in the Albuquerque Metropolitan Area just move $100 per month of their normal spending to a locally owned small business from big box stores, national chain restaurants and the internet we would add $273,071,950 to our economy each year."

That would mean thousands of jobs and a strong local business economy. Help us make that happen by joining KeepItQuerque, volunteering for a committee and telling everyone.

Please find a reason to support the local businesses in New Mexico, even if it is just $10, $20 or $30 per month. It will have an impact that you'll feel in your pocket every month when employment improves and more money is available for local charities and New Mexico government services.