Advanced Mailing Services

I joined AIBA as a Diamond member so I can market, support and give back to the local business community.

Advanced Mailing Services has been selected by Pitney Bowes to be a Reseller for a leading edge technology named Volly. Volly is a Digital electronic Mail Box that was developed to replace USPS physical Mail Boxes. Volly is a money saver. Volly will eliminate the requirement and cost of printing, postage and mail processing.

The Volly secure digital delivery service, a landmark innovation from Pitney Bowes, makes it easy for companies to connect with consumers, customers and clients. Now your customers can see their bills, statements, direct marketing and other communications anytime, anywhere -- via a Web portal, smart phone, or iPad.

Pitney Bowes is encouraging Mailers & Consumers to participate in a Volly Beta Test. Participants will be notified when the Beta Test is available. If interested, register at this link located in the Consumer tab,

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