ABQ Go Local Card

Welcome to a whole new way to support your favorite local businesses AND save money at the same time. It’s the Go Local Card. Every time you present your Go Local Card at a participating location, you will:

Get sweet deals created just for Go Local cardholders
Support your local economy
Have an extra excuse to hit up your favorite store, restaurant, or hot spot
Learn which businesses are local that you may not have been aware of
Take a small step in helping the environment by replacing hundreds of paper coupons with one card

Best of all, the Go Local card always offers you immediate gratification, and can be used as often as your heart desires for approximately 12 months from the moment of purchase. No need to accrue points. No one-time-only restrictions.

And even better, it’s only fifteen bucks.

The benefits of shopping locally are irrefutable: it keeps our money in the local economy helping independent businesses compete against big national chains. It lessens our impact on the Earth’s environment, and it nurtures that curious and beautiful thing that makes our community so…OURS.

These are the things we’re passionate about and they are what inspired the Go Local concept.

Our mission is very simple: to simultaneously champion the businesses that make our community unique and reward the people that support them.

Go Local. Good for your community. Good for you.