About KeepItQuerque-Buy Local

KeepItQuerque-Buy Local was founded in 2003 by a passionate group of local business owners to preserve our city's unique character, build a sustainable economy, and encourage diversity. The organization was originally formed under the name: Albuquerque Independent Business Alliance but was changed in 2013.

It all started when Elissa Breitbard, owner of Betty's Bath and Day Spa, saw an article about the Boulder Independent Business Alliance and thought, "We really need to promote Albuquerque area businesses in the same way.!"

KeepItQuerque started taking shape quickly after that, moving from notes on cocktail napkins to our public kickoff meeting and first membership directory in 2004. We continuing to grow, spreading the word why Buy Local is a good idea for everyone; speaking up on issues; marketing on behalf of our members; informing the consumer of the value of Buy Local and much more.

KeepItQuerque is totally a volunteer non-profit organization helping promote Buy Local, Grow Local, Thrive Local for the Albuquerque area.
What One Of Our Members Says About AIBA
"Our mission at Office Alternatives is really to help other businesses to grow and be successful. And that's why I value AIBA. I've got a vested interest in keeping Albuquerque a truly unique place to live and good for business; AIBA's diversity of membership is great!" - Deb Austin, Office Alternatives
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