"101 Ways To Support Your Local Businesses!"

Money is draining away from Albuquerque and YOU can help.

This FREE White Paper will provide you many suggestions on ways you can help us keep the Albuquerque area economy strong and unemployment down.

Read this guide and join our "$50+$50=$45 Milllion" Campaign. If only half of all the households in Albuquerque were to move $50 of their normal spending to each of two locally owned businesses, we would add $45 Million to our local economy.

How do you like that for NEW MATH? And it is easy for your to help us.
Think of how many more jobs that would add to our economy. We would solve much of our unemployment concerns in just a few months.

And YOU can help! It WILL NOT cost you anything. Just be more aware when you spend your money every month. Choose 2 locally owned businesses each month instead of a national chain. You can find many of those businesses by Going Here.

Then, spend $50 or more with each. We want more of our money to stay right here in New Mexico rather than going back East somewhere to make them richer.

Download your copy of "101 Ways to Support Your Local Businesses!" right now.
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